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Now with a site as good as Site A Terminal B you would be expecting hundreds and thousands of people working on this site. To your surprise, there are only two people who made 99% of this website.

Die (~... PRODUCTIONS)- made the layout and most of the games and the message board. Made the graphics and stuff too.

Eye (DIE and EYE inc.)-came up with Summit, Poodle Grooming, and a lot of game and movie ideas and made a lot of other stuff that came randomly and a lot of things not mentioned that should have been mentioned but, I just didn't feel like mentioning them at this time at this date on this year.

Those above are the webmasters and together they made 99% of what is on SATB. The people below helped do the other 1%.
Evilguy 3845 (Evilguy 3845 inc.)- helped Webmaster Die make Tablesville Wars: The Original Dictators.

Anonomys- helped make the other .00000000000000100000000000000000000000% of the site.