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Eats: The Eats

Chances are high that you have taken part in the activity of eating eats. Eats can be very eatingfull. Daniel Jeffery Bilenker likes to eat eats. I like to eat eats. You probably also almost like eating eats. Daniel Jeffery Bilenker has never been to Madagascar. If you are currently in Madagascar, then Daniel Jeffery Bilenker doesn't own you. He would never own you anyway. Jerome owns you, no matter where you are. So don't even bother eating lunch for breakfast. Lunch is usually eated during the time that people in Madagascar eat knots and nots. Jerome owns you and me and my dog p. Eating is fun for you, me and Dan Bilenker three, so make sure to do it almost every once a month.

Now that you have heard about the art of eating, now you can begin to eat. So put some eats in liquid nitrogen. Then take it out and eat! Enjoy!