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Yeagle the Eagle- an awsome website about our favorite eagle named Yeagle!!!

Dan Bilenker Site 2- a wonderful website about Dan Bilenker. By Dan Bilenker.
Site A Terminal B- is the best website in the world!!! Click Here to go!
Rating: 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/10- for having games, movies, Summit, and more!

Business Scrub Odyssey- good Zelda website about Business Scrubs!

King Zora's Zelda Capital Another great Zelda site owned by Site A Terminal B. (This site is very new, so it isn't complete). It has stuff.

Jerome's Chamber of Commerce A site about a really cool town in Arizona called Jerome, named after the Great One.

Cucco0- a good website about Cuccos. Another wonderful registered trademark of SATB Megacorporation. All Rights Reserved.
Rating: 9/10. This rating will likely increase when Cucco0 gains more content.

89th Street- has nothing to do with 89th Street, has a few games that are really good. Most of them have to do with cows.
Rating: 10.20000000000/10 for having amazing movies and games about cows.

Phatnet0- The phatest (coolest) site on the net!

Dan Bilenker Site- a good website on Dan Bilenker

Chickensville- A Good website on Chickens!!! Click Here.

Goron City- a website Die made oh soooooooooooooooo many years ago. It is an unofficial website about an awsome video game series called Zelda. It is a great place for Zelda fans.
Terminal G- has awsome games, awsome movies, and awsome summit!!! Is site a terminal b's to affiliate!!!
TWCO: The Warcraft World- this is a good site on a computer game called Warcraft. It is a must-see for any Warcraft fans
Chicken Farmers of Canada- a great website about the chicken farmers of Canada! They even tell you why you should abandon your country and move to Canada if your a chicken!