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Site A Terminal B has 4 new movies schedueled for release

Feb. 7, 2003 - After months of planing, the Site A Terminal B staff has decided to release 4 new movies. They are:
A Guy Gets Hit With a Baseball Bat 3: The Cuccos are Revolting
Cooking Toast With Dan Bilenker
The Eater
When Good Cabooses Go Bad

'Baseball Bat 3' was originally going to be called Attack of the Cuccos 3: A Baseball Bat's Revenge, as displayed in A Guy Gets Hit With a Baseball Bat 2. 'Baseball Bat 3' will probably be the darkest out of all 3 'AGGHWABB' movies, and will start the true story. In it, the poor guy is accused of doing harm to the bats, who the cuccos feel sorry for. Because of this, the cuccos build a space colony, with a huge cannon that shoots 200 ft. baseball bats at the earth. This causes an international crisis; while the bats are aimed at the guy, they're also causing mass destruction all around the globe! Its up to the guy to stop them.

'Cooking Toast' will be Dan Bilenker's first motion picture, and what a movie it will be. While being a tutorial for cooking toast, it will also display a lot of action, excitement and drama. In it, Dan wakes up one day and decides to cook toast. However, villian (name pending) will steal the toast. In an epic chase ending in an epic battle between Dan and the villian, Dan suceeds in getting the toast. Then, he'll cook it some more. Even though this movie doesn't offer the excitement of 'Baseball Bat 3,' it has a great soundtrack, featuring the one, the only, Kokiri Forest Polka Remix!

'The Eater' will be the simple lighthearted movie series premier, as was the original A Guy Gets Hit With a Baseball Bat. In it, there is a creature who eats everything. His name is the Eater.

'When Good Cabooses Go Bad' is a documentary where we interview some of the most evil cabooses ever to roam the earth. "What is a Caboose?" you ask. You'll have to wait untill the movie comes out to find out. Okay and that's good!

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