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Hello, psychic traveler! Are you prepared to summon the great spirits? Well, just email the SATB Psychic Hotline! Webmasters Die and Eye, who are both part of the Jeromian Army, so Jerome gave them permission to summon the great SATB spirits, are waiting to recieve your dilema or make a prediction! Just email them at: T H E S P I R I T S A R E W A I T I N G . . .

TUESDAY, MAY 6, 2003
Question: (Place spam here)
-Some stupid company.

WAIT ONE MINUTE- SUMMONING CRYSTAL BALL- Okay, here is your prediction. Tommorow you will stop sending spam emails that nobody wants to read. You will jump off a bridge, swim in the ocean for a little while, then climb back up the bridge only to find out your pet chicken that you will get in an hour was stolen. You will cry for hours. There is nothing worse then losing your beloved pet chicken. Five minutes, later, you will take out your laptop and go on Site A Terminal B at and the rest of the world will jump off a bridge, then swim in the ocean for a little while, then climb back up the bridge just to find out the chickens that they will get in an hour were stolen. Then they will climb into their cars and take out their laptops. If they don't have a laptop, they will steal one in an hour. Once they get the laptops out, they will go to Site A Terminal B at !!!!

You can stop reading now.

SUNDAY, APRIL 13, 2003
question: Who am I?
answer: webmaster

The spirits tell us all. You will get a pet squirel for your 14th birthday. The next day, it will run away. You will cry and miss that squirel. Your parents will comfort you. Do not worry. The next day, you will forget and you will go to Site A Terminal B. You will type in and go to SATB.

I need money. How can I get some?

HOLD ON A SEC - SUMMONING CRYSTAL BALL - okay, here we go. You see, time is money. If you spend your time doing stupid things that will have no impact on your life, let's say - jumping off a bridge - then no money will come your way. However, if you do something resourseful, such as going on Site A Terminal B, then all of your financial problems will be solved. Oh yeah, and pray to Jerome daily. Since Jerome owns the economy, you're bound to get some money that way!